5 Simple Habits avoided by all*

Last night, I had a discussion with few of my cousins on the first simple 5 things or Top 5 actions/habits/characteristics as always beneficial for a person but avoided by most of people.  These are the habits a person can bring/change/grow anytime and even now and without which a person will be missing much juice of life.

Although there may be a plethora of qualities, characteristics and several subtler, refined and complex habits as also stated by Stephens Covey as ‘habits of highly effective people’ must for managers, entrepreneur etc. But all these refined habits are also developed to target a particular skill, effectiveness for the task/profession. At most you can feel ‘unskilled’, ‘ineffective’ without those finer traits in you and you would want to develop them in time.

But our very basic 5 simple habits are something rudimentary and one can’t afford to miss them. There could be perhaps many in TOP 5 list but here are the ones voted out in our discussion –

Top 5 Habits voted most in our discussion –

1) Habit of Physical Exercise – The habit of ‘No habit’ for daily physical workout is passing from generations to generations. Majority of Indians don’t or never exercise in a routine. Most Indian at 40 always enjoys a good tummy. Imagine a life of 40 years without exercise and a life of 40 years with exercise. And the physical presentation, the difference it would make to a person both physically, psychologically. Not excluding the proposed medical expenses one would save.

2) Ability to Communicate & Express Oneself – It’s often said in business that “Over-communication is better than Under-communication”. A person who is unable to put his point of view, or bring his perspective would stay isolated or wrongly assumed in most circumstances.The years may pass and the things will normally go worst.

Be it professional or personal relationships – communication is the one bridge to strong bonding, trust and confidence build up. And effective communication is almost success to what you expect in that relationship.

Imagine a man trying to cross the earth via ‘walking on foot’ and another ‘flying’. There is a profound difference between ‘Bad Communication vs. Effective Communication’ and ‘No Communication vs. Yes Communication’

Effective communication and empathy is not a general quality. It’s a quality and habit too.

3) Connection with Art – Being in Art doesn’t mean you have to be an Artist as you study Mathematics, Science and don’t become Mathematician or Scientist. Study of a particular subject in a quality way is often considered as ‘Choice of same subject as Profession’ and that is one reason ‘Art’ is an option today and is missed to be learnt by all.

Connection with an Art helps a lot to express emotions which are suppressed normally be it anger, cry, laughter. It also gives an aesthetic understanding and ability to appreciate beauty, be a little more sensitive besides a lot’s of quality satisfaction with improved physical and mental alertness.

Imagine a 60 years old manager, teaching Guitar to their daughter or grand sons/daughters is not only a ‘great moment of sharing & communication’ but ‘expression of life’ too.

Connection to Art is a habit of carving out the inner, suppressed voice. It’s also a release of lots of negative energies we come across for a healthier and better life.

4) Habit of staying connected with Education or Education Resources – Education often means doing schooling or attending workshops, certificate programs. Whereas most quality education i.e. financial, personal, family is given to children by Parents is at their home dinner table. Staying connected to Education Learning Resource through any means as Reading Books, Discussion with Friends and Family, or Via CDs is a great improvement habit.

Just imagine a personality is struck for last 20 years with a desire but no such habit whereas the other has grown much beyond in time.

And last but not the least

5) Open-ness to Participate and Enjoy from opportunities around – Every one of us receives very few social, family, professional moments to participate and enjoy. Ability to Indulge and making most of those moments is avoiding getting them wasted with a closed attitude. Using moments in hand is better than expecting and praying for more such moments from life.

Openness is always having more of life moments and life’s juice with a ‘Yes’ and ‘Welcoming’ attitude. Celebration is a rare quality and personality trait, it is easier saying and planning for it than celebrating.

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  1. My favorite is the one about Art. Enjoying art is one of the quickest ways to move your consciousness from your immediate surroundings to something completely foreign and rejuvenating. It works in an instant. Great advice!

  2. Until I got older, I didn’t really pay attention to physical exercise, but now I realize it’s very important. I believe communication is also key, but overcommunication may be a bad thing. Sometimes, It’s best not to say too much, but when you do say something, it should be meaningful, I know some people who don’t stay connected and it’s harming their businesses because the world keeps changing.

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