5 Reasons that makes Guitar the world’s most popular instrument..”

Keeping the component of ‘beautiful guitar tone’ aside, I want to pin-point practical factors that are responsible for Guitar Popularity. Although every instrument is beautiful and carries its own story and tone for example Flute, Saxophone, Violin, Cello, Sitar, Santoor, Duduk etc. yet Professional music market has comparatively more platforms and opportunities for guitar players than any other instrumental players. And there are plenty of reasons for it, here are the first five of them.

5th – Guitar is used at most music platforms from Devotional, Ghazal, Pop and Rock music etc.. Guitar player can adapt Ragas or Rock, Bollywood or Blues, Classical or Jazz whatever one wants. The guitar potentiality to express different styles of music not only makes it adaptive to be used by different musicians but also make it universal and popular. A single genre in Guitar and a single life is very small to comprehend it. You are both complete and incomplete as a Guitarist.

4th – It can play both leads and rhythms unlike Sitar, Violin that only play leads or percussions (like drums, Tabla etc.) that has no lead scope. You can satisfy your thirst of Rhythms/Accompaniment or Leading/ Melody. You are adjustable to all platforms as a ‘Guitarist’.

3rd – It is mobile, stylish and has a very strong appeal for glamour world due to its physical personality (imagine the curve part). It’s too light in weight to carry anywhere. Also to note Guitar is the most rough and tough of all instruments – many other instruments are more delicate and breakable where guitar will survive that tension.

2nd – One of the most economical instruments to buy at Rs. 2000 INR ($ 40). It can be purchased at a very affordable price and moreover maintenance and repair is not very expensive.  Although guitar has various luxury high priced models (based on brand business approach) yet they actually start good deal at 2k – 3k prices but if you compare it with any other instruments for reference Piano, Oboe, Saxophone, Sitar etc. they go as multiple times higher as compared to Guitar to start upon.

1st – It gives you enough space for your personal choice of music learning and gives you result faster. Guitar is indeed result oriented in some time say 3 months i.e. not as difficult, arduous, specific, disciplined, and one-dimensional as Oboe, Cello, Tabla, Vocal or Sitar where you would need 1-2 years and will move equal to Guitar.

This is something that makes guitar exploration easier for anyone and it became the world’s most demanding and versatile instrument.

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