5 Good Benefits to be a Guitarist

1) You are in music every day – Imagine being a Software Programmer, Administrator, Clerk or Officer in a Corporate, giving your 8.30 hours everyday on a program or coding work. And imagine a guitarist holding his guitar everyday to play some moods, and smiling for no reason. It’s a benefit indeed.

2) There are a handful of Good Guitarists at many places and none at various placesGood Matters. Although there could be a many or hundreds saying they hold or know guitar or is part of band but in fact real musicians and performers are handful. Rare are those who can play it solely for hours. In reality, there are not even handful guitarists at many places and there are none in many as yet and not even Good 10 enough in big cities. These places wants local great musicians and they will be blessed with all that lovely things a territory can offer them.

3) As a Guitarist you get a chance to meet thousands of new People every year – You are appreciated for your hard work, skill and respected for your beautiful subject of music. You are liked and loved for this much reason that never happen in any other subject. You make new friends and also learn a lot from other people’s wisdom.

4) You can earn good & enjoy a better living  – Music profession is unstable indeed but not for a Good and Competent Personality. So Good Matters Again. Music is not an unstable profession for those specific ones. And if you are good enough, you can create your career and demand everywhere.

I remember an incident when I got a chance to meet one of a very senior and successful Scientist (I was working as Public Relation Executive at Hotel Asian International, New Delhi) – She said me that “Kapil if you are good enough in 1 thing you can be good in everything be it cooking, science, music whatever.” 

The words clicked me there itself..! It’s important to be yourself than to expect a profession to make you.

5) And Lastly Music is a great diet for physical, spiritual and psychological well being. Music is Health.

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  1. Dear Kapil, I m vicky and my passion is to be a guitarist and vocalist and lyricist , need your help to polish me , i have my own song lyrics which i think can be hit one but need the music to be filled on that , need your help.

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