‘The Man and his Guitar’ – a poem dedicated by my dear friend – Hazel

The Man and his Guitar

I saw a man by the window

With an old guitar by his hands

Stroking it like it was his only possession

It makes him smile while he he’s doing that


He closes his eyes as if it totally consumes him

Then his eyes sparkle when he hears its tune

He always carry his guitar close to his chest

As if it became his heart


Though he lived alone

His life is filled with joy

Music is his daily life

And his guitar is his partner for life


The way his fingers struck the chords

So definite and precise

As he hums a melody that only he knows

Yet feels refreshing to hear so


This man lives in his own little world

But for everyone, he will always be known

The Guitar man by the window


(C) Hazel Delgado Planco

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