My Father’s Gift (Guitar) by Hazel Planco


It’s a pleasure to share another beautiful construct ‘My Father’s Gift’ by my dear friend – Hazel from Philippines.


My Father’s Gift

I gave it a blank stare as it hung on the wall. It’s been there for so long. I just didn’t care at all. Even though it was my father’s most cherished treasure. When I was young, he would make me sit in his lap. And together we give that thing a hug. I can barely get my arms across it. But my father carefully guided me into it. And together we’ll play with his instrument as we share a good laugh.

I used to put all my stickers in that piece of wood. And paint it with crazy colors. And still my father won’t get mad. He just told me that someday I will realize its worth.

When my father is happy he plays it with so much glee. He goes giddy when he plucks it. I love his look that way so it lives in my memory vividly.

When my mother left, I also saw him holding it most days. He was so down, his shoulders hanging low. His head was tilted on the side .But, still I can see the tears flowing from his eyes and the tune that came from it, sounded hallow and full of sadness.

And when I found him in his bed, the day he took his last breath. There were only two things he held close to his chest. It was my photo and his instrument.

I miss my father so much. For he too, was gone too soon but  the memories he left keeps me going at least. He left me something that I have seem to have taken for granted. It was not just a crap as I often thought. It was but  a piece of his legacy.

When I played it, it brought me back all the memories. It sounded like it was filled with my father’s sweetness and love.

After all, it was his guitar. His precious company through the ups and down in his life. It was there to help him get through most of it.

Now I play it as if I’m guided by my father’s hand. Playing the music of love and all its symphony. And I realized, my father did left me something special, and he didn’t actually left me on my own because he left me his best pal and the rest is history.


(C) Hazel Delgado Planco


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