What is Guitar to Me?

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What is Guitar to me?

“Guitar is fun; guitar is a mental freedom,

Guitar is little hardwork, an innocent joy,

Sharing sounds, creating tones & sending merriment vibes

It’s egoless & it is wordless to unborn fights,


It’s not passion but compassion,

Yes, it’s not a race; just a smile on face,

It’s neither a popularity contest, nor glamour,

It’s to keep on my lap to direct something that life hammers..


Its anti-violence, anti-depression & anti-aids

Its anti-weapons, anti-terrorism & anti to every race

It’s childish, it’s wildish, and it’s sexy & naughty,

It carries no status, no attitude to serve any corporate motif,


Neither religion nor a spiritual feast,

Its food, it’s a drink,

& It’s a prayer when you want to………!”

 – Kapil Srivastava


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