Wazid-Sazid music duo, cheap and low behavior, the fact of Bollywood..

Today’s Bollywood success reality (as hatred and cheapness manifested), at the recent movers and shakers interview of Wazid-Sazid Duo

Just observe the Bollywood and Cricket of India, as they are the two ‘BE A ROLE-MODEL’ platforms for anyone. Any young boy with a little experience, entering these platforms is getting all attention, money and fame. But does anyone see that these normal working people, are just like anyone, as learners and under-grown in so many areas of life. Are they really Role-models?

The other part is that now major youth is eager to get into the same platforms, is actually wanting to be famous to overcome their insecurities, need of appreciation and love. People cry in episodes of Roadies, Young Kids cry at failures they get in Singing Contests, is the manifestation of it and there are a plethora of regular examples and cases.

In a recent episode at Movers and Shakers, Wazid & Sazid spoke too cheaply and inhumanly (on two incidents), again displaying the same insecurity, sickness for the work they are doing. Now what we can expect of those young ones who are taking them as inspiration for their careers?

***Just see the video at 10:12 time (disrespecting & commenting on Abhijeet life so badly just because he put an allegation regarding a song..).

***Just see the video at 15:02 time (disrespecting Himesh – coz he’s getting an award)

Now their remarks on their colleagues, seniors is apparent by their too much of a un-civilized/uncontrolled, insecured and revengeful feeling. How should one take or see such behavior, is not a theory or context to be understood? It’s simply apparent that it’s terrible. I am not saying that ‘Abhijeet’ or ‘Himesh’ are right, they are also in same boats or even worse at times.

How far a person can compromise anything for work? i.e. in terms of values, relaxation, is much apparent from their talks and focus on negative expression rather winning over such questions gently, and that too in their one of the unique interviews. There is no exception if you really find these so called famous people slapping, abusing anywhere on streets because somebody is getting appreciated or taking the award (as mentioned in this story above)

Fame and Insecurity values’ craving can be found in today’s media with characters like Poonam Pandey, Veena Malik, Rakhi Sawant, Mika etc. and the list is endless. They see themselves as Role-models, stars but the question is do people really see them as same? Is now negative fame being considered as ‘X factor’ and ‘Glam appeal’?

Popularity doesn’t justify wisdom, stardom doesn’t justify appreciation and even success, because the one is neither happy nor healthy rather crazy and fake. But until it matters to all that – “It doesn’t matter how popular you are but how much happy and human you are, eventually counts”

Just thought to share a recent episode I saw and felt about..:) – Kapil Srivastava

“Kya Bharosa Hai Zindagani Ka,
Insan Bul-Bula Hai Pani Ka,
Jee Rahe Hain Kapre Badal Badal Kar,
1 Din 1 Kapre Me Le Jayenge
Kandhe Badal-Badal Kar”



  1. I share a lot of your same opinions when it comes to the ridiculous “role-models” in America. Our reality TV shows have brought our (already floundering) youth down to whole new levels. It’s ridiculous how fake everyone has become…because that’s what’s “cool” now. Thank you so much for writing your opinions. I look forward to reading more!

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