Music for Healing – Music for Health Album – 1 Week Playlist

Dear Friends,

In reference to my post Healing through Music and Music for Health Album Release I am sharing you some of its music. The following music is best for ‘anti-stress’ ambiance. It soothes the nerves and takes away all negative energy of the environment. This is also a part of our 5 Minutes to Music Therapy Playlist.

A brief overview on Guitarmonk Records & its GM Radio Playlist – GM Records is a dedicated record label that produces definitive arts music. We readied, researched and produced over 500+ music and 50+ Albums. This music comprises of various moods as an anti-stress, folk, classical, romantic instrumental themes of India (comprising of various Instruments and genres of diversified Indian Territories). This music is purely acoustic and exclusive of our Label as Guitarmonk Records.

This music is now used for various application as ambient playing in various corporate, hospitality, real estate facilities and doctor’s clinics.

Music for Health is a 1 week to 1 month playlist for daily playing. So everyday your playlist and music changes. This music is now part of various corporate, clinics and malls as a compulsory playing at their lunch and other preferred timings.Mention below are the excerpts of playlist, is a tiny part of Guitarmonk Records’ diversified music treasure.

The following composition is a Morning Raga so named as Music for Morning  –

Other Tunes of Playlist includes (Tunes Excerpts) –

Music for Health comprise of Instruments as Sitar, Indian Flute and Santoor. The following is Santoor Music Excerpts –

Apply this Album at your Home, Office/Work Place or Exhibition/Fairs anywhere – Please write at, for any query.

Love & Regards

Kapil Srivastava



  1. You are not only an amazing musician, you are an amazing and enlightened human being. I listened to all your music videos. Simply amazing. I would love to see the young people going around with their headphones in and listening to your music not some of the disempowering and negative-impact type that is now their fare. Hope you and your music spread far and wide! Blessings

  2. Dear kapil,
    The music is just what i was looking for. Thanks for closing my search. Am sure we will have the privelege to have much more music coming from you. Simply phenomenal work. All the very best.. your fighting spirit is truly inspiring. Pls. encourage and inspire the future generation. world is your stage.
    with love, peace and happiness

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