Heart and Passions – Album Indian Guitaroo


I have posted this composition on video page with all other compositions. This video was an old and rough video and I have changed it so request you to kindly go to Video Section and see new Heart and Passion video along with other videos.

Besides I am also at ‘google play store’ now so I suggest you to search ‘gmtunetime’ and download my application there and get all in your mobile. It is absolutely free.

Love and Regards

Kapil Srivastav


  1. Your music is not only stylish and pleasant to the auditory senses, it also touches the spirit, opening the inner gateway to the higher consciousness where the true flavor of your musical piece can be realized and savored. Thanks for sharing your music with us.

  2. This is lovely, thanks! As a dancer, I especially appreciate what I would call the circularity. Thank you also for liking and following my blog. I will check back to visit your blog soon to see what you’re up to. Peace

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