What Parents should know before starting music learning for kids?

Inconsistency in music education is often seen and found with many beginners. Most of the music education, enthusiasm ends within few months or dies permanently. The fact is majority of substantial music initiatives fails due to lack of understanding and proper counseling. It is due to overlooking many factors that holds the reason for maintenance of child’s interest and long lasting relationship with the music instrument. The parents should consider the following points while beginning music education to their child.

1)    Know the child’s taste before teaching him/her an instrument. Parents should not impose their own taste and choice of instrument to the child. Sometimes it’s better to let the child explore different instruments and hold them. It gives a better choice.

2)    Parents should not consider music as a part time activity. It is also one of the reason they can’t see their child’s growth and development. It can be best if the classes are regular as young kids don’t feel motivated without result and they don’t practice. Discipline is the key if parents can’t themselves sit with them for practice.

3)    A child needs encouragement and guidance from its family members to learn instrument. One must also not forget the reasons behind maintenance of child’s interest, motivation to learn instrument. They are –

Choice of Teacher – The correct teaching of Music basics is the essential prerequisites and the building blocks of child’s future growth and adaptivity. It’s sometimes very unfortunate that poor teachers working with the syllabus could not help in child’s positive growth but on the contrary they reduce child’s potentiality. The points to be considered while selecting a teacher: – 

  • A teacher should offer a course schedule/plan to the parents.
  • Parent need to listen to the demo performance of the teacher initially. He need not to be an all rounder but has to be convincing.
  • A teacher needs to be organized, disciplined, committed and should possess good communication skills, expressibility and adequate knowledge of music with strong command on the basics.
  • Parents should ask the teacher about his method and way of teachings to the student. Parents can also have a demo class in front of themselves.
  • Parents should not change the teacher frequently particularly in the case of teenagers and more in the case of kids as every teacher has its own individual style, which could be entirely different from the new teacher. (This is why teacher selection is the key). The kids may find it difficult to cope up mentally with the new teacher and his teaching style. So they must look for a regular and committed teacher.