What parents should know about right music education


1)    Parents must provide all the necessary equipment along with the nice instrument to the child. If we observe those children known as child prodigy, we will see the parents’ role and credit in exploring the talent out of their child. They must understand the term “efficiency boosters” or “music motivators”

2)    Psychology plays a major role – Parents must set up a right place and time for child music practice. It’s always better to use the term “Play time” rather “Practice time”. Playing time is best when the child is mentally and physically fresh rather exhausted and tired.

3)    Child needs regular motivation, so encourage him and applaud him for his each step forward.

4)    Supervise yours child’s performance, its best if you learn along with the child or ask him/her to show whatever he/she has learnt. Appreciate them on their right success, it will give them a sense of achievement and relate reasons of music education practically to success.

5)    Never discourage yours child and compare him. Over-discipline and comparison can generate unhealthy competitive spirit in him. In case of music it will not help him to develop his own individuality and focus on his special skills. Nothing can be worst if the child begins to see his personal image as per the skills he possess and starts feeling inferior in the company of seniors and experienced students group. Some children are good at memory and some are naturally rhythmic. Kinesthetic development of each student varies. Let the teacher shape the child and use student’s individual quality in increasing music expression.

6)    Handle child’s frustration and encourage him by acceptance, musicianship comes after a long learning, time and effort. It’s also the teacher and family responsibility to maintain and increase child interest besides building joy and fun in learning. Show them the performances of amateur and professional players.