Guitar Advise | What are the wrong and right reasons for learning Guitar?

“I want to learn guitar because it’s a fashion instrument, its attractive and I will have lots of friends.”

“I want to learn guitar as one of my friend is also learning it.”

Or “Do you want to learn guitar because you love music, you are fascinated by its meditative sound, you want to play a lots of tunes/moods/music and enjoy?”

Or “You find it useful to develop a skill and talent in you to be more charismatic/influential or use this as a talent in your portfolio/resume”

Let me first say that there is not a wrong or right reason. It’s never wrong to have a feeling/objective and to fulfill it with using guitar as one of the means. But when objective is ‘Playing Guitar’ some reasons do become building blocks and some reasons helps achieving it, without a stoppage, and act as stepping stones.

So there we say them as wrong and right reasons. Something that stop you to fulfill your Guitar playing objective  (if Guitar playing is your objective) is not a right reason and should be substituted with a right one. And if you can achieve your Guitar playing objective, you will indeed achieve all your other objectives relative to it.

Wrong reason are also wonderful as they are good in a sense that they will help you to hold guitar, pick it for sometime, look out a teacher but when it comes to learn it or develop it, its tough to maintain it. On the process of learning guitar, it will not maintain you. There is a chance that on the process of loving it, you may start hating it out of frustration.

Where as right motivation, reason will help you to learn it in time-frame and make you overcome all hurdles within time and get you performing it.

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Case Study # 1 (Failure of Student due to wrong reason of learning it)

Many of guitar students joins guitar to make themselves more charismatic, attractive and influential among their friends. I tell them ‘Guitar is a subject, skill/art and guitar music has its own benefits, you should reap them and enjoy them too and that needs an input your side”

As soon as they are faced with routine or discipline of music, the hardwork of exercise, they leave it immediately as they are not receptive to it. They used to think guitar is like an entertainment, it’s like they go to a restaurant, pay the bill and enjoy the food or say story telling class and do nothing. Everything as per them is to be done by the teacher.

The discipline is overlooked and they neither achieve the direct benefit nor the indirect charisma they wanted to achieve.

Case Study # 2 (Failure of Student due to attaching wrong result from learning guitar)

Thoughts distortion are enough to hold you back from learning music/guitar. Don’t see guitar/music as your relationship connector. It’s the mistake done by a many guitar seekers.

Guitar is not a magic weapon to make you centre of attraction in your school/college/office. It indeed makes you like able with your sweet sound of music but only when you start playing it like so.

Your personality is enhanced with Guitar learning but these are indirect gains. Your direct gains are that you are getting musically enriched, you start loving the feel of music and you feel joyful, relaxed via playing a lots and lots of music – it is your direct benefit.

You are achieving a skill and talent which makes you joyful and happy in yourself, is your wonderful achievement. Imagine you are never bored now, imagine you can play hundreds of tunes, you can create, compose and you are grown with musical intelligence that has its own psychological, physiological, social benefits. [See Benefits of Music]

So the crux is enjoy your indirect benefits but don’t miss direct benefits. Keep your music learning regular and learn it properly.

More case studies to follow 🙂