My Student Broke his Guitar Neck | What to do if Guitar Neck break?

“Your Guitar is a delicate instrument, preserve it before it’s perished”


I am sharing one of our recent guitar accidents where our student guitar breaks by falling from the chair.

This is not the first accident at guitarmonk and that’s why we share and guide all our students with Guitar Maintenance Tips.

“I have bought a plethora of Guitars in my life, some precious model as Signature brand got damaged without any mis-happening within just one year and some by my mistakes, where as some specific selected pieces like Yamaha, Givson they are now with me for 7-8 years and more and yet working perfectly”

Why most Guitars break? Is due to none extra care by student. Guitar is indeed one of the most rough and tough wood instrument yet it’s a music instrument that produce sound. At times they mishandle it as a style instrument and suddenly they are faced with an accident known as “Broken Neck”.

One of the weakest joint of Guitar is from headstock part and also if the guitar has an angled-back headstock, it’s more vulnerable and is a pretty thinner area. We always recommend putting less pressure in that area or protecting the area from kicks and bumps etc.

But anyhow if this worst thing has happened to you, don’t panic and it’s repairable..! Here are the solutions –

a)    Slacken off all your strings very gently – loose all tensions from it. This is applicable in both cases if your headstock is still connected or detached

b)    If the headstock is disconnected with splinters, just wrap them (Your can wrap them in newspaper or any other paper) without disturbing the shape or trying to fix them as they will be useful while joining.

c)    Check for splints and gather them – they will be needed to complete the Jigsaw and get it repaired fast.

Lastly go to an experience repairer and get it repaired :)

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