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Even before Indian independence, these foreign music schools existed and building its nexus of promoting their music curriculum around the world. The truth is a curriculum – i.e. a correspondence education + exam.

Now seeing Indian market growth today, the foreign music schools are jumping in India to capture the market and take out all funds as back to their country fooling Indian consumer.

It’s unfortunate to comment on some bitter truths as –

Expensive Learning – Pomposity of Indian Culture and too much expensive music education diving from Europe. Imagining India where an international brand brings the guitar of cost upto Rs. 1 lakh+. Imagine an international curriculum that has no teacher, no Indian aesthetic and depth to teach, visit India with examination fee of Rs. 4500 for an upto 15to 30 minutes exam and imagine an 8-12 page book of Rs. 850, as a compulsory purchase to sit in exam.

And the worst is imagining the nexus is building foreign artist, foreign teacher and Indian paying to them instead of a quality Indian Teacher. This nexus has robbed many Indian of their Job. Many Great Musicians are out of music and unlucky are those who can’t learn with them because they are treated by-granted in music.

Protect this kick in stomach of Indian Music Teacher. The kick is fine if quality is poor, but kick  is injustice if quality is superior. Foreign curriculum is a tune book that don’t offer system. And imagine they say, pay us Rs. 4500 for exam and practice 3 tunes and show them to us and we will give you certificate. Is this training value?

And the worst is imagining the parents proudly paying this price for just a tag that says Europe. It’s the height. Imagine how much millions of rupees go out of India on such business and pseudo values every year.

Pomposity of Indian Life Style is their own Loss because better playing comes with no price and belongs to everyone.

Why our so called phony Indian culture, is ready to pay Rs. 4500 for a half hour exam, and Rs. 1000 for a 8-12 page book?

Now here is another fact we want to share with you..

We get shock when we every time get a resume of our own country person having a foreign grade certificate – These students investing in Grades, paying thousands of money out of their necessity and dream, comes at Guitarmonk office to get music Job and when guitarmonk actually test them on parameter, they are actually worth students.

How can we make you teacher if you have actually practiced 3 tunes to get a grade certificate? And have no musical aptitude, experience, skills. These 3 tunes can be learnt by anyone. …by giving time.

And also why your music system is so biased? Indian music tunes are much advanced, Irish Music, Celtic Music and Ragas etc. Music is Rich, there are lots of varieties, why just 3 tunes to be a Graded person? Alas!! This is indeed embarassing in all respects. 

The truth is these are teachers in School and these are even growing music in schools.

What is Grade System Methodology of these Foreign Schools?

Grade terminology is a mis-understood terminology and concept. Let us clear the reality for everyone of us. What is a general Grade book? It’s a general curriculum book, comprising of 8-10 tunes notations book published by an unknown, self-recognized, self-structured International publisher and author and imported in India at a very high price. With an examination perspective as a correspondence system to register unlimited student in diversified cities, is none other but a commercial practice, with none exercise and system to teach, none teacher, is not a Grade System in our eye.

  • Where is the Teacher? Who is the Teacher? Where is the Teaching System?
  • And on what parameters and Technical Development Process, what are the exercises that will build a student? Where it will take him, where is the index and order of growth of students? What Independence he/she will achieve? No body Cares it
  • Is there any video support? Is there any counseling support? Is there any Scope after the course?
  • What values it include? Is there any performance? Empanelment scope? And much more…
  • And what is the scope of Job
  • Lastly – They have distributors who collects fee in millions of Rupees, (known as examination fee) from every city, put them in their bank accounts and thus they pay their teachers and conduct exam. In end they give them a certificate that matters no more except a perception that I give something.

These foreign schools have pure commercial objective but there is no interest for Indian mass. Their values are meant for their profits and no scope later for Indian people.  On what dreams are these course sold or taken by consumer is a question to ponder.

There are a plethora of questions that one must ask before seeking a competent learning in music. We are addressing this topic to safeguard the interest of Indian mass and exposing the facts and truth to all of us.

Advertisement Game – Digital information age and social community networking age that these foreign publisher/investors coming to India to establish their foreign material with higher advertisement weapons as book prices at Rs. 850 for Rs.  4500 for 10 minutes exam? Propagating it with Lakhs of Rs. Budget at Google, Facebook and Advertisements, Selling it as a Franchise to Indian mass is actually surviving and building on Indian money.

It’s time to break this whole commercial objective of foreign music school, which is basically fooling and capturing Indian consumer with higher fee, higher ad and nothing more but a disrespect to Indian Education System.

We should completely shun foreign Education, which is an inferior training and commercial practice and promote education which is Indian superior.

No Endorsement of Indian Valued Products and Services (which are far better in values than any thing) – We appeal that we should see it all and decide for propagation and selection of right services for us.  The services which are better and also Indian.

Wake Up India“Jaago Grahak Jago”