Kapil Srivastava, the Raga Guitarist

“I wonder when plenty of guitarists say that they are not obsessed with scales but chords, I found a new world of infinite explorations in the scales; in fact I have found my world here through Ragas.

Raga is like a hundred times enhancement and improvisation of a scale and there are more than 10,000 ragas in Indian classical music, further having multiple compositions to be played on each raga. A scale never sounds boring, never remains confined and monotonous when allowed implementing ragas. And the surprising fact about Raga scales is the parent scales (known as Thaats), which are just 10 in numbers in the North Indian study of Classical Music. Here one can realize that how these 10 simple scales (Thaats) can be enhanced, improvised and applied in playing of thousands of Ragas and millions of compositions, with different moods and feelings, over the guitar.

Raga is one of the fruitful subjects I discovered that offers a new room and space for an Independent style of Music that can be played limitless on the Guitar.”

Person having some basic finger practice on Guitar can best adapt this Ragas style. Good command on leads is an added advantage to enrich style to this study. Since Indian Classical Music is totally an Independent style devoid of chord study, it can be studied if a person has basic scales knowledge and sufficient fingers dexterity.  Raga music is a soulful music and is regarded as the base of spiritual music journey.

This particular course has unlocked an infinite possibility of music, music platforms and music feel on the guitar