How to maintain your Guitar | Guitar Maintenance Tips

1)    Don’t expose yours guitar to direct heat and dew in the night. Don’t place it even before heater, heat ventilator or radiator, A.C etc.

2)    Never tune the strings higher to the standard pitch. Must have the pitch note with you to tune the guitar.

3)    While tuning guitar, tight the strings by slowly rotating the tuning pegs and not rapidly as it may break the string.

4)    Protect yours guitar from dust, always cover it when not playing.

 5)    Keep a soft cotton cloth to wipe the sweat of fingers over the frets and strings. Do it during and after playing the guitar.

6)    Change the string at least once in two months or change it when the strings are rusted.

7)    Loosen all the strings tension from the standard pitch, especially when not playing the guitar for a period, which may be a week or more.

8)    It’s always better to change the worn out strings, as once a string is worn out it sounds dead, some guitarist use sandpaper to remove the rust, but it destroys the tone quality.

9)    For better maintenance and learning efficiency, one must keep an extra string set, a tool that can cut the strings, pick holder, music stand, plectrums in varied thickness, cotton cloth and guitar cover or case.

Also take special care from the bumps and kicks while carrying the guitar on a bike or car. Belt buckles can also destroy the back finish of a guitar. One can use double or triple covers while carrying on bike. It assures extra safety.

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