How to compose a Song? Make your own Tune


Music is a creative talent which is inherent in all of us but there are only few who are able to utilize this chance or get themselves connected to it.

Why not test yourself?

We have observed that many great music lovers are even better than those who are professional musicians. A great creation, composing or imagination is not dependent on anything but just they don’t know any instrument or never able to learn any medium to give expression to it.

As William Shakespeare said that “Music is the food of love” i.e. a music tune or melody is the reflection of your heart and feelings. If there is love inside you and so is your music like.

It is also said that “Music express the inexpressible”


So here we felt to connect those melodies into a complete tune.

We will be completing failing to convey you the philosophy of our this concept, if we miss to share you some important fact of our students.

“We got this inspiration from just our students and then a many of them in time. For reference one of our student composed a song for her husband and the day she came was the last day of her class (FYI she was not a good guitarist or very hard practitioner anyhow, just an average learner and no one can imagine that she could be a composer). As soon as the workshop ended with reports and other homework/to do for all students, she came with a tune and said that she wants to gift this song to her husband. When she was asked to just humm or sing it, it was astonishment for all and we couldn’t believe that there is a great composer hidden insider her. Later we advised her and guided her for training program which focused on polishing her composing talents too”

Anyhow the point is ‘creation is not everybody’s blessing of nature’ and music creation gives a unique satisfaction. Blessed are those who are able to bring out this talent.

Most of the final product/finished songs you hear comprise of following 5 major components/stages of development –

1)    Lyrics (Words in the song)

2)    Tune/Melody Line (Composition)

3)    Arrangement/Tracks

4)   Artists works – singer/ instrumentalist as applicable to arrangement done upon it [based on the requirement of the song]

5)    Recording & Mixing (Professional Recording and Final Editing/Mixing before the song is readied)

There are also various aspects of the song as Mood, Duration etc. which may vary as well based on the objective of ‘making a song’ or while designing its ‘arrangements’.

So if you also want to get your own tune readied for personal use and creative satisfaction, guitarmonk will bridge your all areas and give you a final product.

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