Guitar Tip – A quick note on Buying the Guitar

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Guitar is capable to produce diversified styles of music, unbound of territories and it has so many varieties. You want to play Ragas or Rock and you can play both in your guitar. As compared to any other instrument for example Sitar, Violin etc. where you can’t expect playing Pop or Rock or both Rhythms and Leads. Guitar gives you a many music tones, culture, varieties.

Irrespective of all varieties and guitar styles, the grammar of music and guitar remains same. For ex: you have variety of cars with special gears and features, but your driving remains common.

So My advise to you is to choose a basic standard 6 string acoustic guitar, a learning model, which can get you to develop your fingers first and make you learn it and play lots of music.

Don’t give money to retailers rather invest in your education – There are durable guitars starting Rs. 2500 to 1 lakh. But my point is that only your practice and talent can produce music and not how much you can invest on a guitar, or how much expensive guitar you hold. So when you enter a guitar shop, the retailers will jump upon you to sell the guitars with better margins or the brand that they are authorized to sell. For referenceFender Brand Retailers won’t sell Yamaha and vice versa so make sure you are not a victim. All these brands are good but they are too expensive at some models.

It’s always recommended beginning on an acoustic guitar rather electric. So get a durable standard acoustic guitar under 5k of budget. When I say 5k (It means it includes all accessories mentioned below). In most cases the learner’s choice of music is pop, rock, blues so beginning with standard guitar is always recommended. Don’t go for electric guitar, there is no point in it as you need to build your finger dexterity first so acoustic is your best workout and electric will just help you later to synthesize the sound, make your playing more easy and give you effects (if required) but it will be too expensive and un-required at start.

“My teacher used to say that if you start with acoustic then you can easily adapt and play electric (Electric magnifies your mistakes as well as qualities; In other words its like you switch from manual typewriter to electronic typewriter). Electric offer you speed, ease, comfort but if you start with electric you can’t adapt to Acoustic as you won’t have your muscles developed well”

But above all, my point is that you will love acoustic sound and which you will always miss in Electric. You want to relax with music, you want to take your guitar to picnics, you won’t find electric suitable anyhow rather you will miss Acoustic Sound a lot I speak from my experience.

3rd Type of Guitar – Nylon String Guitar is a different size guitar with wider neck is only recommended if a person is inclined to play western classical music.

Guitar Grammar remains same in all three basic types of guitar i.e. Standard Acoustic, Electric, Classical i.e. same notes, structure, same chords etc. but sound quality and music (repertoire) varies and thus each type has their beauty, technique and application choices. But my advise for you is to begin with Acoustic (Non-electric) always.

Keep in mind the following points if you don’t have a senior mentor to guide you while buying a guitar: –

Selecting Guitar Dealer – Select the merchant having with credibility and support. A dealer must have a good variety of guitars to offer you in terms of pricebrand and music style. Not imposing you the brand they sell (or are authorized dealer of). The dealer should give you choice to test guitars as per the comfort of the body and price. A dealer should also have the facility to service the instrument. Generally they offer free service for a minimum period of 6 months or more. 

Checking Your Guitar – Now please note that there is a great difference of check points as done by a mentor/guitarist in comparison to a guitar enthusiast. Let me tell you the fact,

Never bother the color (the 1st mistake of guitar enthusiast) – the more color polished it is, the lesser wood will resonate. These pink, black, blue colors are just fashion marketing stunt with less guitar tone and feel. So color has no connection to great sound. You are getting a good natural wood color guitar just go with it.

Size and accuracy of Guitar – Size of guitar should neither be too big and nor too small. The priority should be the ease of playing and comfort of the body posture. The other things are to look out for the tone quality,finishing, and to check the neck warpage. One must confirm that the neck is not warped. Each part of the guitar has a function and utility, so one should check that every part of the guitar is correct so that it can function rightly and in coordination with other parts.

Parts to check include – 1) Frets are not protruding, 2) Tuning Machines, 3) Action of Strings, 4) Strings and Body finishing, 5) Sound @ all frets, 6) Sound quality that includes – Buzzing at Bass strings. Just let your friend or mentor play and you enjoy and relate to the feel of it. It’s a great excitement and matter of joy for any Guitar Lover I speak from my experience.

Ok now if all is fine – Buy it or check other models. Select the best of all

Accessories: – The accessories must accompany a guitar and the most important accessory is the guitar bagor case to protect the instrument from dust, temperature, moisture, bumps and kicks. Plectrums of different material, sizes, shapes and thickness should also be bought. The other accessories involves: – An electronic Tuner, extra string set, pick holder, guitar belt, guitar stand, music stand. All these carry the utility.

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