Guitar Career can’t be an alternative, it has to be a passion..!

If Guitar is your career choice, it’s not an alternative; it has to be a passion

Friends, there is a great dearth of information in music industry in India, so just to start with some useful information about guitar career, I felt to pick the topic with a random perspective that says who can be a professional or to expect being a professional guitarist?

As Guitarmonk has introduced COP (Career Oriented Program) for guitar, we are receiving a plethora of admission inquiries full of enthusiasm, commitment and passion. Some of them are even ready to pay the fee and join it immediately. But let me remind you; don’t make it easy, because it’s a big decision of life?

I mostly advise all my students that on what grounds or basis they are taking this decision (my 1st question) and then 2nd question, how this decision will help them to achieve what they want in life? I also counsel them on the vision of this industry and hard facts. Music is not everyone’s cup of tea indeed, and those looking for making just bread and butter through music – Is it worth to choose music for that? So it sounds contradicting to them.

It’s not just the front end visible life of a guitarist, whom everyone rejoices and feel fascinated with. There is hard work behind that too and that hard work can’t be questioned. A guitarist playing music is surrounded by crowd is not what the only fact of guitarist life. A professional guitarist has to have a plan to sustain, earning streams and market for his genre. Most Guitar career seekers see guitar as a dream come true enjoyment career and job for them and that is absolutely false.

I don’t advise this career stream to all, it’s not an alternative to your other career or other failures. For me and for everyone it has to be passion if they want to a professional Guitarist.