Globalization has kicked stomach of many Indian Guitar Manufacturers | Buy & Promote Indian


This is telling you the truth of Retail Guitar Industry. Rs. 900 priced Guitar @ China is actually sold at 4-5 times higher in India. 

High priced Guitar values charged by retailers are actually fooling Indians with 100% to 200% or more margins, is nothing but another waste of money and playing with consumer innocence. The mantra of today’s Guitar business is making profit irrespective at any cost.

We may have got several jobs in software sector but this is not true for Music. Globalization has cost much of music loss to Indian Guitar Manufacturers.

Very few knows that Indian Guitar manufacturers who were engaged in manufacturing guitars since generations are now victim of no sales due to excessive branding, marketing and prevalence of Chinese Guitars in Industry. Yamaha, Fenders with such expensive Guitar stores (and huge margins) is only personal profits and consumer disadvantage, driving all money back to their Country to an extent that many Indians Guitars are out of Industry.

Bulk Conditions set by Chinese manufacturers or Brands as Yamaha have left no options of Purchasing and greedy need of retailers to only sells those Guitars but who is paying?. Not denying the fact as lack of support, sales and govt. policies, lack of system are also some reasons that demotivated Indian Guitar Manufacturers. . But this is not their sole fault; some responsibility of motivation is in our control by giving those sales.

Another unfortunate point is show biz and Indians proudly paying this and result is the whole Indian market is getting captured by Foreign Guitar Brands making consumer and us Indians helpless.

I still advise that you should promote Indian manufacturing by preferring and buying Indian models and shunning foreign models. This will maintain the money in India and motivate work.

Givson is one the most economical and long time popular brand. It will cost you 1/3rd of other guitars.