A guitar in hand is more suitable than a cricket bat – Romancing with your Guitar

The affordability, mobility and versatility of the Guitar, makes it desirable for anyone who recognizes it. One thinker also added, “A guitar in hand is more suitable than a cricket bat”.  And this statement can be made true in respect of Indian psyches’ tendency to make something very important just like a religion.  Today people like to buy and keep guitar at their home irrespective of the task of learning it. The mystery in the complexity of 6 strings for a layman makes it admirable and challenging for today’s mind. Its tendency to educate and entertain besides satisfying the sporty need of “playfulness”. Generally people associate guitar playing as the quality time of their life. Most people carry the dream of having spare time out of their busy schedule and spending that time in learning Guitar. They dream vacations at hills and beaches meditating on the music of Guitar.

One more perspective behind the sustenance and growing popularity of guitar is the psychology behind it. The guitar is associated with the fantasy of Romance; it has a long tradition of being associated with romantic poems, movies, paintings, and love greetings. The music or sound of guitar is related with the inner expression of feeling of love and emotions of youth. It is why, this instrument is always known as the instrument of youth. It symbolizes the growth and expression of passions and emotions prevailing at the young age. It doesn’t mean old people do not play it but it would definitely signify the prevailing youth in them.

Today, Guitar is symbolic to a style instrument, which possesses the capacity to pull the attention of people belonging to all age groups. It has significantly dominated the world of music of its sound, and now it carries the potentiality to emerge as a dominant profession and passion in India.

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