With almost a 2 decade of experience in guitar, comprising of professional guitar playing, authoring technical books, composing albums and having won a number of awards and recognition from the State and different institutions. There are reasons why thousands of music students worldwide have entrusted Kapil Srivastava guitar education model, the primary man behind guitarmonk and it’s Guitar education methodology.

Kapil is now training teachers using a curriculum he designed and the success he achieved. His methods and research is awesome in the field of building a guitarist from nobody. Guitarmonk method is now being learnt by students in as many as 18 countries now.

Apart from training musicians and helping them build their career in music, Kapil also offers a platform and references where artists can be featured and launched to the mainstream music industry through Guitar Channel Gmtunetime

Special concept and subject based workshops are also offered by him throughout the year for a goal oriented technical, social and professional development of musicians. He also counsels lots of HR, Universities department for music engagement of their employees in multitude ways.

Last but not the least, he is the pivotal man in facilitating India’s first Bachelor Degree in Guitar, a UGC approved Degree course for career aspirants.

Write him for counseling/guidance regarding your music start-up, launch, learning, career counseling, employee engagement related questions.

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