Music Jury

Kapil Srivastava has been invited to a number of music competitions by Universities, where he was tasked to serve as a professional music jury. Judging creative and well-prepared performances isn’t a walk in the park. Therefore, he (along with his team from GM) drafted some parameters for judging each competition. They managed to set 7 major guidelines for the performance itself and 25 sub-criterion for performers’ artistic sensitivity to the musical elements as well as other factors contributory to the rendition.

Oftentimes, the best qualities of the participants are taken lightly. It may be harsh to say, but in reality, musical judges tend to value sight over sound during musical competitions. Relying too much on the visual information, such as stage presence or movement, with uniqueness and creativity just following closely.

Meanwhile, Kapil Srivastava’s take on judging competitions lean more on the overall efforts given by the performers. For him, even the smallest detail counts and individual efforts shouldn’t be taken lightly.

It is important that every element of a performing band or artist be justified, given due importance or be acknowledged beyond the performance. It is true that the best performer/s wins but one cannot neglect the raw talent of a participant with 20 years of experience vs. an amateur but well-rehearsed musician. This is something only a critical judge can evaluate and judge.

“I am amazed at times, when I see a poorly performing singer yet with a fabulous drummer or guitarist on his side, taking on the show. Even in such conditions, I still need to give fair consideration and recognition to them. They may be a group but I always give individual credits to each member of a performing band too as the best guitar, drum, and keyboard performance of the competition. They deserve to be given value.” says Kapil.

Various inter-school, inter-college, music competitions comprising from Delhi University, Amity University and the Battle of theBands (with 20+ competing bands) in Dilli Haat, New Delhi are just some of the recent major competitions for Mr. Kapil Srivastava to serve as a juror and to give some valuable and constructive feedback to the performing musicians to further enhance their growth as artists.

Kapil Srivastava is open for invites as a guest performer or as a juror to your music festivals and competitions. You may get in touch with him for both inspiration, direction and honest judgement to your competition.