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I take limited Guitar workshops every year to transfer my knowledge, information and experience to significant guitar aspirants and students. As such there are certain programs which I primarily created for learned (intermediate and advanced players) and passionate students (who can be beginner’s).

Intermediate or Advanced learners come to me to build their next level so that they can either perform or earn through guitar. I make them develop perform-able guitar skills or give them a vision so that they can lead solos in their respective genres and earn money or feel satisfied from their level.

I also sometimes help sincere and passionate beginner students to focus on rudimentary, foundation development of certain concepts and music theory etc. If you are learning from me, it is going to be very synthesized and too much constructive for your each session. The objective of foundation development is to get clear your facts, unlock your hurdles, establish concepts and establish your hands-development on guitar. The main objective of conducting beginner’s program is to share my experience of learning and establish your level 1. I will also counsel you to how to get on to next level, how to learn and develop it further and what to achieve through it in stipulated time. The best program I recommend and guarantee you is our CRP Program >>

Here some generic workshops/subjects I help you with –

Intermediate Guitar Workshops (10 hours each) –

  1. Master Workshop on Rhythm Guitar – It is focussed on development of rhythm and for players who are at level 2 standard of playing.
  2. Master Workshop on Indian Rhythms
  3. Master Workshop on Irish Guitar
  4. Master Workshop on Raga Guitar
  5. Master Workshop on Bollywood Guitar
  6. Master Workshop on Chord Concept
  7. Master Session on Music Theory/Guitar Theory


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