Saanson ki Jarurat hain Jaise on Guitar Aashiqui

Saanson-Ki-Jarurat-Hai-Jaise-on-Guitar Aashiqui

Saanson-Ki-Jarurat-Hai-Jaise-on-Guitar Aashiqui

Saanson Ki Jarurat hai jaise on guitar from Aashiqui movie is re-arranged, improvised & performed by India’s best guitarist Kapil Srivastava.

The uniqueness of saanson ki zaroorat hain guitar music is that each phrase is performed live on acoustics wherein we spent 100s of hours in recording each track be it lead/rhythm guitar, arrpegio, bass and then making rhythm and other tones arrangements.

The whole idea behind this hard work is to re-present the beauty of this Aashiqui Song on Guitar. This is our 4th season which is dedicated to the fusion of Guitar and Dholak.

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