Pyschology of Superioty Complex Syndrome

Superiority Complex

In my last 10+ years of biz experience, exposure and contemplation. Having met thousands of people, 7000+ being our customers & students itself. Last 2 years I am meeting most of these topnotch Chairs of schools, corporate, university, investors and different psychologies and superiority.

I often found their various decisions based on old illogical perceptions. Sometimes I really get fed up and in middle of all these, I sometimes also meet beautiful people who are inspiring and motivating to balance all.

Disclaimer – Before I find faults in other’s life, let me accept that I am also one of all those and improving myself. But I don’t feel my career, caste, money, business, and academics or in my case talent or experience is worth feeling superior for. It is a privilege that I have gained with time, luckily. I am grateful rather and want to keep feeling so.

So 4 SC syndromes as per my experience in ‘superiority complex’ suffering people can be addressed to 4 delusions/base perceptions about life. It blocks them and it also displaying them so ‘ordinary’ or ‘local class’ (though they think vice-versa). Here they are

Superiority Complex


They think they have the best career decision and professional stream/chair than other. There are better positions but not to make you superior. Thinking high and proud of your career is good but thinking it’s best or only superior is evidence of your ‘closed and finite intellect’ and limited exposure sometimes.

There are many who don’t think that way and you will find them much talented and grown up in lot of ways (even financially too).


They consider their academic degrees as top of world, forSuperiority Complex Syndrome reference all these founders who turned into doctors, musicians (D.Lit) or Lawyers/Doctors. Investors who are proud to mention MBA, LLB on card. And D.Lit who think they are VIP legacy. They give themselves self-certifications. I saw this a lot in Delhi University music-college, where every professor thinks his work is bigger than other be it having a tea.

Now as we have a decision check for other being. It becomes worst when they mistook it for intelligence or common-sense.

I sometimes feel to tell them – Hello! You are the same restless, scared dude inside or perhaps you gone worst now with such thoughts.

Superiority ComplexDelusion # 3) MONEY & FAMILY INHERITANCE SYNDROME – Pride of money or riches – The toil in collecting money through both fair and mostly unfair means sometimes scare them. Insecurity is most when means are unfair as you have law, media and social perception. Then you need certain reasons or value system to justify all. In reality, they avoid or dislike honest people around, they justify their all habits/values/behavior by certain look and prism. The very perception of ‘security of life’ which drove them to a financial goal is debatable. The same is later carried on by their next family/generation.

Delusion # 4) CASTE & FAMILY PRIDE SYNDROME –Inferiority Complex

Pride of caste, spirituality or family inheritance – Let’s see its impact other way round. How does a simple beautiful human starts feeling low due to his caste/family inheritance. You will see this in India as a marriage pretext. For marriage, one should be of same caste and rest abuse is OK. This is yet prevalent for majority.

We are in a society with all 4 mix. Everybody is somebody or other or all of both in different proportions. All above see each other like them and work in close proximity with them.

All these perceptions are old but rule our mind; influence our mind and decisions. Time to note that with all these ‘local’ thoughts and outcomes of life. Who are you in the end?

Are you a world class, national role model? A depressive, stressed, running being or a peaceful, loving, lightest man on earth. Answer is with all of us.

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