Taste Drive – A creative food joint at Rajouri Garden, New Delhi

Taste Drive Rajouri Garden

Well this is not a real car, this is something I found when I drove down to west Delhi and discovered a new taste of various Kathi Rolls at a new food chain.

This is a brand stating itself as ‘Taste Drive’ and available in many of the adjacent malls near Rajouri Garden Metro Station also known as Raja Garden Metro Station. I went there 4-5 times and tried it every-time and thus got motivated to write and share something about it to you.

Although this is not a very extraordinary taste If I compare it to rolls by Karim’s restaurant i.e. Karim’s Roll, Nazeer’s Taka Tak, Khan Chacha’s Roll, Nizam’s Kathi Kabab or even Lacha Parantha Roll that I have in Ghaziabad and even Amritsari Rolls that I often try in Indirapuram, yet it is now one of my most favorite taste at Raja Garden. I also want to mention one other Kathi Roll that I always try whenever I go to ‘Ramkrishna Mission’ Delhi, which is much more delicious than this.

The uniqueness of Taste Drive food joint among all is due to its overall ambiance, presentation and position of creative car-shaped-Kitchen shop, which enhances the overall experience of tasting this role surrounded by colorful people and ambiance. They also have varieties of Rolls with different tastes both in veg and non-veg, which is their USP, and that too at an economical price of less than Rs. 100. They will offer you this role in a proper thick branding cup-shaped cover so as you can eat it comfortably.

One other value to experience at Taste Drive is that you will get the same happy, celebrating feeling as you often see in McDonalds, with many young kids, families buying and eating along. The best experience is to taste it at eve and you will be accompanied by lots of good crowd. You will find people sitting on pavement, floor or walking casually and enjoying this food. And I find it a very lively and healthier experience as it creates a state of mind, a psychology that helps to enhance your experience at this food-joint. Lastly they are all located inside the malls at a good pollution free location, less dust prone and thus more hygienic.

If you ever feel to go there and try it, you can find this Taste Drive Car-shaped food joint at TDI Mall, Westend Mall and City Square Mall near metro station.

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