Mismanagement at Haldiram’s Restaurants


Haldiram’s serves delicious food indeed and that is the only reason they have good footfalls but this is my 3rd experience of fight at food counter (specially the Thali counter). Here they collect order slips and distributes order on random basis. So many keeps waiting and the other takes the food earlier even after giving the slips late.

And this is not the only thing. They also don’t have enough ingredients at times and they compromise with the sweets, curries and distribute whatever they are left with.

Lastly they also serve the part-order at times i.e. you keep waiting for bread/chapati for half-hour at times. Now nobody can eat curry separately and simple roti (chapati or bread) later.

This is indeed bad management that I faced it at their Kaushambi branch. I reported it to managers and hope that they will rectify it soon.

Some of the mobile clicks of people standing at food counter

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